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Due to the fact the night is so hot I cannot sleep (also helped by the fact I was killing zombiees for a couple of hours… so many zombies) and I am also nonsensical and very bored, here is a random factoid. Tomorrow (technically 28 minutes from now) will be the 1 month anniversary of my blog. Why write something now, you say? Refer to¬† first sentence. There shall be an anniversary postz, but for now, just wanted to say that for some weird reason, Koihime Musou is my most viewed post at 117 views. One of the worst shows this season has the greatest number of views. Hmm. Though around half of them seem to be from searching “Koihime Musou Yuri”. Damn eroges are getting crappy adaptations everywhere.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with yuri, but I’m also fine with good action, plot, and characters. Of which, this show is devoid of. It’s boobs plus Rin Rin and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It’s not funny, engaging, exciting, interesting, witty, satirical, amazing, mind-blowing or any number of adjectives other than, well, crap. And yet it will still get subbed by more groups than Mission-E.

And the most ironic thing is, this post will probably get most of it’s views from people searching for Koihime Musou. Stupid irony.

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Within the setting of Now and Then, Here and There, Nabuca is an unwilling antagonist.


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To create Duke Nukem, imagine every GAR character in any anime. Then multiply it by 10.

The resurrection of Apogee has brought about the revival of a trilogy of Duke Nukem games. Behold, the ULTIMATE TRAILER of EXPLOSIVE ACTION! Cower before it’s awesomeness. COWER!!!

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