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Every man in the show now sucks compared to Michel.

Huge death flag eyecatch is HUEG.

Next Time: Klan starts kicking ass, taking names and blowing up Vajra.

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Read Mel.Kano NOW!

I almost cried…

It’s just too CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!

This manga’s too cute and funny!


That has got to be the smoothest line I’ve ever seen.



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Stupid laws of nature. (more…)

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That would be true except for the fact you’re a lying, scheming bastard.

I bow before you and your genius, Schneizel.


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Well, I’m gone for a week on a long-awaited holiday that has steadily gone from bad to worse in planning over the last few weeks but has finally come to fruition (went through around 4 different countries before finally settling on one -_-). One thing about taking on a lot of shows: when you know you’re going to leave for a while, you also realise there’s much to do when you come back.

But for now its drinkin’ holiday time. See you in a week.

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Fuck this show. That was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen happen in an anime. The writers can’t come up with a reasonable excuse to get Sora out of there, so they say “The Kyuubi’s chakra disappears”. WTF is that?! After 30 episodes of this crap, you get to a potentially good climax and completely fuck it up with crap about friendship? There wasn’t even a fight, just Sora smacking around Naruto for a while and then it ends!And then they segue back into the manga near the end of the episode so they can justify what Asuma’s been saying about the king. 30 episodes, all for some stupid lesson?!

So for anybody who hasn’t seen the filler, everybody dies except for Sora who goes home.

Well, screw it, I’ll just look forward to seeing the fights I like from the manga animated. Though they’ll probably go out of their way to fuck that up somehow as well.

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I said surprisingly little, not nothing. (more…)

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