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Yeah, I’m sad about how this turned out too… (more…)

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Yes, I’m taking this as a chance to plug one of my favourite anime series, REC.


My opinions on some of the greats of the past season’s anime music (i.e last couple of months). (more…)

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Real men let people who want to kill them get as close as possible.

Though I have to admit, since it’s Yami-chan, even REAL real men wouldn’t stand a chance.

But Rito still looks like a retard.

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The only screenshot from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu that will ever again appear on this blog.

At least, I think it’s from that show…

Well, I’m back to school today so that may mean some slow down in posting, especially as this is the time when I’m applying to any University that’ll take me (I really wish I hadn’t failed Physics ORZ). At least it means I actually talk with people through forced social interaction, rather than regress into a hikikomori lifestyle like I have over the past summer. Just so I’m not limited by the speed of fansubs/ the anime airing (I like the episodic style, but it’s not perfect) I’ll try to think of something I can do weekly (outside of the Flash Game Of The Week. For which there is currently one post ^_^;) to keep things shakin’ around here; it’s at the back of my mind but I just can’t bring it to the forefront.

In the meantime, have some Kyouka:

Getting hit by a truck, that is.



The best thing about the entire Sky Girls series was the specials.

If only they’d put as much effort into the real show.

Also I got an MAL and Twitter account, so if you see christo1k@aol.com or gmail.com asking in an invite, it’s me ^_^.

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