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Why couldn’t you take my advice for once, Sunrise? (more…)

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Real men dress up as women.

Either that or he’s really looking for some “action” in that get-up…

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What shall the Detective Girls do now?! (more…)

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The fucking end.


Yeah, so Double Arts just ends at Chapter 23 apparently, just as the story was starting to get a bit deeper and more interesting with the backstory of the Gazelle and whatever happened to Andie Frau and all that. Too bad we may never get to see a continuation of a great series, I’ll just have to hope the mangaka can go to another magazine other than Shounen Jump YOU SONS OF BITCHES. Apparently it was the lowest rated manga in the magazine, which is a shame, as there are worse series out there at the moment (I’m looking at you Naruto). It doesn’t even feel like the story got a chance to develop and the action and art was great on a whole and the whole thing was just brimming with potential. And there also needed to be more Sui action.

So hopefully we’ll see some sign of DA in the future but other than that all I can say is:

Fuck you, Weekly Shounen Jump.

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