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Nothing much just saying that there aren’t that many series I blog here, so things are kind of sparse at the moment. What I will say is that it is now confirmed in my eyes that the PS2 is the greatest console ever made; so many good games, with innovative gameplay, such as Odin Sphere. If you’re one of the few people who still own only a PS2 (like me ORZ) and like RPG’s, this is a must have. Between school, homework and this, it doesn’t leave much free time for posting (I haven’t watched an anime episode in almost two days (which is ridiculous for me).

Mocking World Destruction 10’ll be up tomorrow, as back to school sickness plagues me, as well as exhaustion from physical activity (I miss the days when the person who took us for Fitness didn’t care and let us do what we want rather than forcing us into a gruelling regime).

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