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This is what’s occupying my attention atm. It’s amazing how deliciously racy and/or VIOLENTLY EPIC classical literature can be as well as containing awesome terms like PHILOSOPHER KINGS. Too bad I must worry about it more for school than anything else, or I’d enjoy it more. At the very least, The Aeneid is better than City of Bones and Twilight. They don’t have a giant traptastic wooden horse.

Yeah, I said it.

Come get me Bunny Girl and Otaku-Boy!

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It’s Goku!

As a teeenager!

In high school!

With the plot of the manga and anime screwed to shit!

Coming from Hollywood!

Set in Los Angeles!


I will watch this movie just to laugh my ass off at how bad it is.

Who cares if they’ve changed it since then, the fact they made such a retarded mistake in the first place shows just what type of “ingenious minds” are working on this film.

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