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The shrine maiden of Noto-riety. (more…)


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Wait a second… I could’ve sworn I’ve seen this before… (more…)

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As evey blog fanatic knows, there are two main types of anime blogs that exist, being editorial and episodic blogs. Though there are a large amount of sites that have a sublime blending of the two, as well as some randomness thrown in, what interests me is the innate attraction most blog readers have towards editorial blogs, though that’s not to say that episodic blogs don’t have their own charm. But what really makes one type of blog preferable over the other? (more…)

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This post is dedicated to 3 bloggers who have been lost in the sea of work, laziness, school or perhaps even writer’s block that has spread like a plague through the blogosphere. Disappearing without a trace, we can only speculate on where they are now. (more…)

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Introducing tsuiteru!

Honestly, I’m not expecting her to be an otaku because I see her as a very very busy person in school. Active in several school activities and being the dance club president, I wasn’t really expecting that she’s a blogger until I got asked by her to help her writing up a summary on a certain show she’s watching and she admitted her secret that she owns an anime blog, LOL I remembered that funny face when she told me that XD. Then after that, she finally invited me to become an official author in her blog.

I think we all know how this turns out.

I’m so sorry, couldn’t resist. Good luck on the new partnership, you two 😉

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All credit to Vertago and NicoNico.

Thank you. So very much ;_;

And yes, I changed my site design to be more made of win.

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The tilt of the cap, the look in the eye, the set of the jaw and her hair blowing in the wind inside the classroom – fantastic. (more…)

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