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Also at THAT.

Omisyth: black
lelangir: blue

First thing I noticed was that the OP got kind of a generic pop sound to it. Yeah, I wasn’t fond of it, but the lyrics were significant. It’s very similar to the OP change in Marimite – there’s a line that says something like “embrace the fact that you can laugh honestly and run,” which signifies Natsume’s development from totally scared of Youkai to his more open relationship with them. (more…)

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Strangely, in no less than three of the anime I’ve watched within the past week, there have been featured characters swinging baseball bats (this doesn’t include the sweaty anorexic characters of One-Outs). In Kurokami it was simply being used (poorly I might add) as a weapon, but in the other two there was a deeper meaning than just using it to hit a ball or bash the heads of residents of Hinamizawa. I’ve always seen swinging a bat as somewhat more threatening than swinging a sword. Whereas a sword is razor sharp and will slice you into ribbons at the drop of a hat, a bat will smash, mash and crush; it’s a brutal and inferior weapon and in the right hands is meant to injure and cause suffering rather than kill.

But of course in these other two shows that wasn’t what the action represented. The swinging of a bat is a focusing device. It represented the determination of the character in either achieving or forgetting something. To lose yourself in a repetitive excercise and forget your troubles, or to use that same exercise to demonstrate your resoluteness and conviction; never did I realise how great a metaphor swinging a bat is.

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