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I added a page (^) where I indexed all my¬† reviews and final impressions for convenience. Unless people like to trawl through archives for this type of thing. There’s a meagre amount there now but I hope to add to the list over time. Check it out.

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Xam’d, you shall leave a vacancy in my heart.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Xam’d is an excellent show, well-deserving of the small praise it got from it’s all too few fans (once again, I’ll say that limiting this to PSN is almost as criminal as the way I watched the show). For me, though, the mark of a truly great series is the urge I have to rewatch it, for any reason, and I doubt that this will be the case for Xam’d. However, that’s not to say that Xam’d doesn’t have it’s own fantastic appeal.

Spoiler-free review. (more…)

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