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As of episode 3 of Canaan I’m hooked. If the gorgeous animation¬† and art wasn’t enough, the show manages to get a good balance between the comedy and the mystery/thriller elements of the plot. Sorrow-kun doesn’t believe it lives up to Type-Moon’s reputation, but I think that just because it’s from the same company doesn’t mean it has to be the same style as previous works – what’s expected by viewers and what’s produced are often different things, so it’s better to keep an open mind. (more…)

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I love this show in the same way that I loved Basquash after seeing it’s first episode. It’s cliched in so many ways, but those cliches don’t bother me. The animation isn’t that good, especially considering Madhouse is at the helm, but it’s good enough that it doesn’t detract from my enjoiyment of the show. But the main reason I like Needless is because it’s so completely over-the-top. (more…)

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Because surprisingly, adaptations don’t always suck! (more…)

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