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anniversary cake

Better than the one month anniversary and 50,ooo hits post combined. (more…)

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Just to say I’m stopping Weekly Highlights because they’ve become just as much of a burden as episodic blogging. I’ll try to finish of Toradora, but after that, nothing regular will be popping up every week. Though everyone loves sporadic meta-blogging.

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I finally hit a landmark while actually realising I’d hit a landmark. (more…)

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I added a page (^) where I indexed all my¬† reviews and final impressions for convenience. Unless people like to trawl through archives for this type of thing. There’s a meagre amount there now but I hope to add to the list over time. Check it out.

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I didn’t realise that I needed to get the space upgrade to upload audio files, so I’ve got no way to put the OST tracks I wanted to write about on the blog at the moment. I’ll continue¬† the series when I have the upgrade.

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New “Schedule”


This is me getting bitchslapped by backlog.

Holidays have begun! And I’m dropping some shows. DOES NOT COMPUTE. (more…)

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Well, they’re back. Again. But I think this time it’s slightly more permanent since we actually see (shock!) both authors writing this time. I’m just pimping it here because 1. People must remember the Epicness of Epic Win and 2. I want some of their shining light of awesomness to somehow grace my blos in these dark dark depths which others have somehow managed to discover. Go, comment, and let’s see if we can get this show back on the road. Indefinitely.

Filler? What filler?

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