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anniversary cake

Better than the one month anniversary and 50,ooo hits post combined. (more…)

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Just to say I’m stopping Weekly Highlights because they’ve become just as much of a burden as episodic blogging. I’ll try to finish of Toradora, but after that, nothing regular will be popping up every week. Though everyone loves sporadic meta-blogging.

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I finally hit a landmark while actually realising I’d hit a landmark. (more…)

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I added a page (^) where I indexed all my¬† reviews and final impressions for convenience. Unless people like to trawl through archives for this type of thing. There’s a meagre amount there now but I hope to add to the list over time. Check it out.

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I didn’t realise that I needed to get the space upgrade to upload audio files, so I’ve got no way to put the OST tracks I wanted to write about on the blog at the moment. I’ll continue¬† the series when I have the upgrade.

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New “Schedule”


This is me getting bitchslapped by backlog.

Holidays have begun! And I’m dropping some shows. DOES NOT COMPUTE. (more…)

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