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The natural progression, let’s look at my top endings. This one was much easier to cut down as endings are almost alyays worse than openings, but that doesn’t mean some studios don’t know how to finish off their shows with something that leaves an impression on the viewer. (more…)

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Part 2, wherein we become immersed in J-Pop. (more…)

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What? It’s not like I’ve used this picture before or anything…

It was only a matter of time before I had amassed enough anime hours to be able to craft a Top Ten list on OPs. And that time was months ago. Making this list made me realise just how many great anime openings there are (in poor ratio to truly great anime themselves) and it was hard narrowing them down to 10 out of the 120+ that I’ve seen. There’s no specific criteria, perhaps some loose rules of good animation + good song = higher ranking, but it’s mostly just based on how I felt abuot the song itself. Arbitrary way to make rankings, I know, but what can you do? (more…)

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I find it almost completely futile to analyse music which I think is average. As for music such as this, which I believe is truly amazing…

Except for that one track, which just sounds like flies O_o…

And that other one which is just weird…

Hell you never know what’s coming up next on this soundtrack. It’s really an interesting experience.

Just… get it. Now.

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Yes, I’m taking this as a chance to plug one of my favourite anime series, REC.


My opinions on some of the greats of the past season’s anime music (i.e last couple of months). (more…)

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