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What? It’s not like I’ve used this picture before or anything…

It was only a matter of time before I had amassed enough anime hours to be able to craft a Top Ten list on OPs. And that time was months ago. Making this list made me realise just how many great anime openings there are (in poor ratio to truly great anime themselves) and it was hard narrowing them down to 10 out of the 120+ that I’ve seen. There’s no specific criteria, perhaps some loose rules of good animation + good song = higher ranking, but it’s mostly just based on how I felt abuot the song itself. Arbitrary way to make rankings, I know, but what can you do? (more…)

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#1 D.Gray-man

Allen Walker – Crown Clown

One hand fights for the Akuma, the other fights for humanity.


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#2 Death Note

Yagami Light – Death Note

The power to kill in the palm of your hands… (more…)

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My Top Ten: Anime Weapons – #3


Naota-Gibson Flying V+Gibson EB-0

ZOMGWUT, guitars as weapons?! ROCK ON.


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#4 Fate/Stay Night

Archer – Unlimited Blade Works

You didn’t think I’d let the list die, did you? (more…)

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#5 Karas

Otoha – The Karas Amulet/Armor

Quite frankly one of the best animated OVA’s I’ve ever seen.


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#6 Bleach

Kuchiki Byakuya: Senbonzakura

Did you honestly think Bleach wasn’t going to be on this list? Really? (more…)

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