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I find it almost completely futile to analyse music which I think is average. As for music such as this, which I believe is truly amazing…

Except for that one track, which just sounds like flies O_o…

And that other one which is just weird…

Hell you never know what’s coming up next on this soundtrack. It’s really an interesting experience.

Just… get it. Now.

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They’re secondary only to huge explosions. On and unrelated note, explosions fix everything. (more…)

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In four months, I will once again be blogging Natsume Yuujinchou which, in my opinion, is undisputedly the best series to come out this season, bar none. I’m pretty sure that everyone who saw the show wished it would continue beyond 13 episodes, and that wish is granted.

Now we have four sequels to look forward to: this, Minami-ke, Full Metal Alchemist and Black Lagoon, all some of my favourites.

I’m just so very happy ;_;

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Damn you, water, will you never let the rabbits live in peace?!


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I actually think that this show is gaining on Code Geass in the amount of FABULOUSness present. (more…)

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