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Bleach’s newest ending made me remember one of the reasons I love the art so much: it’s so stylish. Although I’m sure that the animators at Toei (or in Korea. Or wherever it’s made) are good at coming up with fashionable designs, but Kubo himself holds a lot of credit for the clothing. Despite his, uhm, sub-par storytelling, I’ll be damned if the man can’t come up with the most suitable and overall cool clothes for his characters. (more…)

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Competitors at the ready!

So yes, it’s suddenly been a call to arms for this sleeping blog to compete in this competition of the greats. The suspense! The excitement! The tension! I’m pretty sure my chances would be better if I’d actually been posting this past, oh, half a year, but hey what can I say, I was busy (most of the time)! It’s not like it’s set in stone either, there’s always a chance I could wi-

Oh dear god, I’m up against 2DT. (more…)

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I pimp this because my blog is dying. True story.

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One thing that keeps me coming back to anime is the chibis. I love chibis. They’re just so damn cute. The type of thing that you could pet for days on end and not get bored of. Any comedy show taht relies heavily on chibification always gets a laugh out of me. Sure, shows can work without it (though most shows use this technique anyway) but I think chibification does a lot of things at once that makes the joke more accessible, and funnier, to the viewer. (more…)

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Just add BONES.

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There is born something of pure win.

Artist: jet

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