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The fucking end.


Yeah, so Double Arts just ends at Chapter 23 apparently, just as the story was starting to get a bit deeper and more interesting with the backstory of the Gazelle and whatever happened to Andie Frau and all that. Too bad we may never get to see a continuation of a great series, I’ll just have to hope the mangaka can go to another magazine other than Shounen Jump YOU SONS OF BITCHES. Apparently it was the lowest rated manga in the magazine, which is a shame, as there are worse series out there at the moment (I’m looking at you Naruto). It doesn’t even feel like the story got a chance to develop and the action and art was great on a whole and the whole thing was just brimming with potential. And there also needed to be more Sui action.

So hopefully we’ll see some sign of DA in the future but other than that all I can say is:

Fuck you, Weekly Shounen Jump.

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Yeah, I’m sad about how this turned out too… (more…)

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Fuck this show. That was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen happen in an anime. The writers can’t come up with a reasonable excuse to get Sora out of there, so they say “The Kyuubi’s chakra disappears”. WTF is that?! After 30 episodes of this crap, you get to a potentially good climax and completely fuck it up with crap about friendship? There wasn’t even a fight, just Sora smacking around Naruto for a while and then it ends!And then they segue back into the manga near the end of the episode so they can justify what Asuma’s been saying about the king. 30 episodes, all for some stupid lesson?!

So for anybody who hasn’t seen the filler, everybody dies except for Sora who goes home.

Well, screw it, I’ll just look forward to seeing the fights I like from the manga animated. Though they’ll probably go out of their way to fuck that up somehow as well.

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Due to the fact the night is so hot I cannot sleep (also helped by the fact I was killing zombiees for a couple of hours… so many zombies) and I am also nonsensical and very bored, here is a random factoid. Tomorrow (technically 28 minutes from now) will be the 1 month anniversary of my blog. Why write something now, you say? Refer to¬† first sentence. There shall be an anniversary postz, but for now, just wanted to say that for some weird reason, Koihime Musou is my most viewed post at 117 views. One of the worst shows this season has the greatest number of views. Hmm. Though around half of them seem to be from searching “Koihime Musou Yuri”. Damn eroges are getting crappy adaptations everywhere.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with yuri, but I’m also fine with good action, plot, and characters. Of which, this show is devoid of. It’s boobs plus Rin Rin and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It’s not funny, engaging, exciting, interesting, witty, satirical, amazing, mind-blowing or any number of adjectives other than, well, crap. And yet it will still get subbed by more groups than Mission-E.

And the most ironic thing is, this post will probably get most of it’s views from people searching for Koihime Musou. Stupid irony.

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