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GAAAAAAAY. Cuuuuuuuute! (more…)

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If Asread (second season) do it instead of Domu (first season), I will be severely disappointed.

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Blassreiter Recap 1-11

There’s a decent recap of Blassreiter from Gonzo up now, so if you haven’t caught a chance to check out the series, you can watch a summary of the first 11 episodes. I’d recommend doing so, as as the series is heading towards its conclusion, it’s on course to end well. Just ignore the GOD AWFUL narration at the start, hell skip past it to 1:30, whoever thought of using that voice actor must burn in hell.

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The Internet is home to such a varying array of things that I’ve simply wish to bring to greater attention one more that doesn’t involve porn: Flash Games. With the right computer, their quick and easy to pick up and play for half an hour plus of enjoyment. Then there are always those real gems you find which go beyond what you’d think a flash game is capable of, and really produce an entertaining and innovative game. So each week, I’ve decided to bring you readers the creme de la creme of flash games that I can find on the awesome website Armor Games; GO THERE NOW each week, in short snippets because I’m too lazy.

First up we have the tricky puzzle space warping skill game Epsilon. Blog embeds aren’t possible (at least I don’t know how, if you do could you help me out?) so a screenshot, explanation and impressions shall have to do.

It would help me a lot if anyone played the game and told me how to get past this point…

Ah, physics, you’ve been the bane of my existence for too long…

Anyway, Epsilon pretty much involves you, two portals, and the fact the Particle Accelerator in Sweden’s been witched on and the Laws of Physics have been thrown out the window. You must navigate your own sphere through the various experiments, using changes in gravity, angling and EPIC TIME REVERSAL to collect the tokens and get to the exit spehere. It’s like Portal in a way; the creator even meant to release it near the release date of Portal. It’s simple but excellent and addicting, (as well as frustrating) with great music (even reverses while you reverse time!) an easy to understand control system, and a nice, computerised SHININESS look.

So I’d give this a game an 8/10, from what I’ve played of it (refer to above).

So, click the pic to head to the game and get thinking about how to screw with physics.

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You go to check out a college in Cambridge and get a present for your friend and what do you find? Finally, an actual anime shop within the UK. That also sell DVD’s and action figures and posters and books and a bunch of other stuff. And they have a website!

*lets out a scream akin to that of a fangirl*

Maybe I’m just ignorant, but this seems like an otaku/geek/figurine collecter/bookworm’s paradise (at least for the UK)

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This episode was downright ridiculous. (more…)

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