On most counts, Heroman is not a good show. The characters are uninteresting (bordering on the annoying) and for the moment the story’s rather dull as well. Although it has the potential to be good, I don’t think it’ll ever live up to that. I probably feel this way because I’m not the show’s intended audience – even though I do like a fair amount of shounen, they’ve never been as basic as this. Continue Reading »

There’s no way I’m going to waste any more time and energy posting about the inconsistencies/bad “writing”/shameless cuteness in this show. Unless I can be creative and interesting with it (which I doubt I have been so far) then it’s just pointless. K-On!! is K-On!!. It’s  a show about moe girls doing nothing. It’s popular because it’s a show about moe girls doing nothing. It doesn’t require any real effort or understanding to watch, and that’s its greatest appeal. Continue Reading »

To-Love Ru’s Rito is without a doubt one of the worst leads I know of. All that time surrounded by a group of hot women and he ends up not deciding on any of them. Or so you’d think. What most people don’t catch on to is the fact that these boring male leads have it made. They’re the biggest pimps in anime. It’s all for one reason: because they suck. Continue Reading »

There’s no doubt about it – Hajime no Ippo is repetitive as hell. It’s essentially the same underdog story again and again and again for over 80 episodes. Yet I love every second of it, and even though I know 98% of the time the underdog is going to win, there’s always that 2% of doubt that keeps me on the edge of my seat during matches. The thing with Ippo is that it always toes the line between between the realistic and the obvious, so that there’s a good reason to believe that either fighter could win the match. Continue Reading »

First, let me say that Angel Beats does have an interesting premise. A high school representing the afterlife (or not really after life. Or purgatory. Or wherever they are) where a select group of students fight for their survival is definitely something I’d watch. The problem I have with the show is that “fighting” part. It doesn’t really feel like the Afterlife Battlefront is trying to win. At all. Continue Reading »

Holy shit, look at this guy. Look at how fucking awesome he is, he just doesn’t give a fuck. That look on his face just says “fuck, you think you can even compare to me? Come here with your wimpy ass, I will fucking take you down”. Continue Reading »