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I’m happy with where my computer is located (high up in the attic) since during the day I can try to feel like I’ve “gone outside” by sticking my head out of the skylight every now and again and I can turn off the light at night and watch anime in the dark. This might not be a voluntary choice for all anime watchers, but I find that some shows are more suited to the darkness than others.

It’s all a question of immersion for me. For the light-hearted series or the comedies, I can just sit back and relax (in a deep seated armchair ftw) but for those “deep” shows, those shows which are dramatic and emotional, watching them in the dark enhances the experience. Even moreso, if I use headphones, I can become completely lost in them, such as the other day when I was watching Pale Cocoon (<3 Yasuhiro Yoshiura) and was surprsied to see the credits roll after what felt like an indeterminate amount of time. Of course this isn’t a requirement, just something that adds to the atmosphere of these shows and really enhances my experience of them.

What about you? Do you have any sort of condition for watching a certain show (or type of genre) that enhances your enjoyment?

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This issue, more of a query really, has been covered numerous times before, but because I just love filler I’d like to give my opinion on the matter and force others to agree with me, here are my thoughts on the best way to watch anime. With actual reasoning! (more…)

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