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To-Love Ru’s Rito is without a doubt one of the worst leads I know of. All that time surrounded by a group of hot women and he ends up not deciding on any of them. Or so you’d think. What most people don’t catch on to is the fact that these boring male leads have it made. They’re the biggest pimps in anime. It’s all for one reason: because they suck. (more…)

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Since I haven’t been watching anime that long and I haven’t been finishing up my backlog as I should have, I can safely say that about 20 or less of the series on my MAL were made before 2000. That being said, some of those series are still my favourites (a few in my Top Ten) so it won’t really be my own top eleven list of all time. Don’t be surprised if a few of these series end up appearing in that list somewhere down the line though…

With that out of the way, let’s get down to business. I’ve been away from blogging for too long. And why top eleven? Because I couldn’t think of another series I wanted to cut from this list. (more…)

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Bleach Spread

Last night, after finishing a rewatch of Neo Ranga (still a great show, despite it’s many faults), I decided my next rewatch would be Bleach’s Soul Society arc, if only because the anime wouldn’t stop reminding me of its far superior roots.  (If you’re wondering why I’m rewatching this part of Bleach for the 5th or 6th time rather than catching up on the golden oldies, it’s because it’s one of the few anime DVDs I own and that means I can pop it in my 360 and watch it in bed. Ahhhhh.) (more…)

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At Low On Hit Points, Michael wrote about how the original adaptation of FMA packed a better emotional punch than either the manga or Brotherhood, and I’m pretty much inclined to agree. However, I don’t think that that means the manga or the second adaptation are necessarily worse than the original show, since they each target different aspects of the basic concepts in the series. (more…)

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Why do anime creators keep doing this? (more…)

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Technically three weeks, but meh… (more…)

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