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It’s a happy coincedence that I’ve just finished Clannad at the same time as analyzing the aspects of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, since now I can attempt to link my criticism’s to literary references, like a REAL anime writer. (more…)

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The end of an emotional journey. (more…)

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A week of incredulity and melancholy. (more…)

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Your words shall forever echo within the depths of my heart, O Lord. (more…)

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Sorry ;_;

Damn you, social life, late fansubs and world which conspires to thwart my blogging at every turn with unfortunate events! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

Also, AS Level Results: AAAD (For foreigners, they are very important grades for 17 year-old students, though it’s one more year until I go to Uni.)

Both FUCK YEAH! and screw Physics -_-.

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Tomoyo End is better than Nagisa End.

In EVERY way.

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