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I’m a complete action fanboy. And being a fanboy means that I love good shounen. The first anime I can remember being exposed to was Dragonball Z back around when I was 11. Me and my friend always used to talk about how awesome the show was, but took two very different paths: he got into gymnastics/fighting/general awesomeness (as his love of DBZ was less a love for anime and more a love for all things martial arts) and I just kept watching more anime. DBZ was just a gateway drug, and although it’ll always be with me as a part of my childhood, these days I easily dismiss it for not being all that good. But that’s not really the point. (more…)

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It’s Goku!

As a teeenager!

In high school!

With the plot of the manga and anime screwed to shit!

Coming from Hollywood!

Set in Los Angeles!


I will watch this movie just to laugh my ass off at how bad it is.

Who cares if they’ve changed it since then, the fact they made such a retarded mistake in the first place shows just what type of “ingenious minds” are working on this film.

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