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Even though the new season is very much underway, Durarara!! still stands out as one of the best shows currently airing. Whenever I think of my favourite series, I can always point out the single element that had me completely hooked. There was just something that series did so well that made it stand out to me, be it excellent direction, dialogue or character development. Though I love Durarara!!, the show hasn’t shown itself to have that one quality that instantly makes it a must watch. Even so, it’s still an excellent show and easily one of my favourite series. And I think it’s due to the fact it doesn’t have a single element that stands out because everything is so high quality – all of it is done so well. (more…)


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Directors are the ones who really know where a series is going and where they want to take it. Openings always play an important part in putting across the series, it’s characters, events, emotions and a whole host of other things that the directors want us to know. Or it just gives the director a chance to be crazy as hell. But with the former, as a series moves into its second or third opening, the change in the music, tone and style easily helps us understand where the series is going from now on. As such, although the second opening of Durarara and the fourth opening of FMA don’t get me as excited as the previous ones, they convey well  the directional shift for both series. (more…)

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