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It’s a happy coincedence that I’ve just finished Clannad at the same time as analyzing the aspects of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, since now I can attempt to link my criticism’s to literary references, like a REAL anime writer. (more…)

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There are times when I miss when life (and anime) was so simple… (more…)

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Perhaps I should just name the blog “Meta-norn” or something. O WAIT. (more…)

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Mind flitting from one subject matter to the next faster than even the Queen of spaciness, Osaka.

This post was about something completely different but it’s already at about 950 words, so I’ll just leave that matter for sometime else. Isn’t needless digression awesome? (more…)

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As evey blog fanatic knows, there are two main types of anime blogs that exist, being editorial and episodic blogs. Though there are a large amount of sites that have a sublime blending of the two, as well as some randomness thrown in, what interests me is the innate attraction most blog readers have towards editorial blogs, though that’s not to say that episodic blogs don’t have their own charm. But what really makes one type of blog preferable over the other? (more…)

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I’m tired of this show being so f**ked up and fantastic at the same time.

Beware, spoilers for both seasons.

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