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I wasn’t expecting much coming into Ghost Hunt; I even stopped watching the series after episodes 4 and 18 for a while (though when I went back and continued watching I was much more often grateful than not). However, I was surprised that the series wasn’t as typical as I’d expect from something in this vein (like simple, predictable cases with cheap scares and inconclusive resolutions). (more…)

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There’s no doubt that Toradora’s been a great ride through most of it’s run, suprising at almost every turn by defying expectiations and turning to be a good harem/romance/comedy series despite what someone could think at a first glance. Much like the characters themselves, the show had a depth that could only have been seen by those (many) who were able to look past the fact that Kugimiya Rie was voicing another tsundere loli. Or loved that fact and watched the show solely because of it. >_> (more…)

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Credit to Gaara84 for the awesome wall.

Not often do you see robot fighting and philosophizing in the same show.

Heavy spoilers ahead. (more…)

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The end of an emotional journey. (more…)

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I added a page (^) where I indexed all my¬† reviews and final impressions for convenience. Unless people like to trawl through archives for this type of thing. There’s a meagre amount there now but I hope to add to the list over time. Check it out.

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They’re secondary only to huge explosions. On and unrelated note, explosions fix everything. (more…)

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