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I don’t think that there’s much that can top delicious Yuri undetones.

Hmm. Guess I was wrong. But there’s no way that anything can top Tome yuri undert-


Welcome to the LOLWUT of Nijuu Mensou no Musume. (more…)

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Real men blush when asked where they’ve been in life…

…and cry when requesting help from people stronger than them.

Now I have TWO characters in this show who are useless that I hate!

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The subs demonstrated on this post are NOT that of Dark Star Subs. They are fakes released under the group’s name. However, if they aren’t serious (god I hope they aren’t) and you already know what’s happening in the episode (i.e have seen a much better group’s version, or understand Japanese) it’s really just some stupid fun ^_^.

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Real men like to have their swimsuits sucked off.

Either that or the pole has…other uses for him…

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As a general warning, posts on this series will involve no discussion of plot, characters, theories, thoughts or speculation of any kind. Just pics and captions, such as the one below:


I can see the look in your eyes, Morte.

Kill him. I know you want to.

You have been warned.


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Real men are into S&M.

Either that or he’s joined some sort of water circus and become a tamer’s lion kitty cat.

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