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A fucking awesome, missile-spam filled, fantastically animated, incredible song remix stuffed, campy, EPIC mecha fighting section that matches the likes of Gurren Lagann in sheer mind-blowingness alone.

A surprisingly peaceful ending section, complete with “You, You”.

And an inconlusive, inconsequential love traingle ending with the traditional “I won’t lose!” statement.

All in all, GOOD END.

Final impressions? For this show?

Haha, no.

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Because when the end comes, you just have to accept it ;_;

And because I bow to unintentional peer pressure.


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Yes, I’m taking this as a chance to plug one of my favourite anime series, REC.


My opinions on some of the greats of the past season’s anime music (i.e last couple of months). (more…)

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Every man in the show now sucks compared to Michel.

Huge death flag eyecatch is HUEG.

Next Time: Klan starts kicking ass, taking names and blowing up Vajra.

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Ranka-chan! ^_^

Sheryl… ;_;

Decisive Victory for Ranka!

She hath won the battle, but not the war. Who knows where this crazy rollercoaster of love will take us next?

Oh yeah, and a giant robot appeared out of nowhere thats supposed to be Macross, but who cares!? Ranka-chan gained back lost ground in the race for Alto’s heart! Yay!

Poor, poor Sheryl ;_;.

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