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Kaiba is most likely the most underrated series to come out this year. Some people immediately seemed to dismiss it due to the childish and odd style of the animation (which actually ends up being one of the series’ best features); in fact, even I didn’t really want to check it out because it looked so weird. But something about the first episode really intrigued me (and others as well), be it the fact it was so different from anything I’d already seen, the music which was simple but meaningful, suiting every scene, or the extremely interesting world it was set in. But I think what really got me hooked from the first episode was the way the series had the nature of memories at its centerpoint. It posed questions such as: What if you were released from the limitations of your physical body? What if your memories could be transferred as you, or anyone else for that matter, see fit? What if your own memories, that which truly defines who you are, could be altered and examined at anyone’s will, with the click of a button?

Spoiler-lite Review.

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