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Perhaps it was wrong of me to think this but I expected that there would be more actual music in K-ON. (more…)

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THE GREATEST ANIME OF THE SPRING SEASON HANDS DOWN Eden of the East’s opening garnered some attention because of its pretty lights, use of Oasis and text scrawled all over the place. (more…)

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I began to feel like I’ve been blogging too much for my (beloved) commenters these days, and that’s just no good, so I’ve decided to write about what I feel like on this blog about how I feel about anime. That’s surprising. (more…)

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Inspired by gaguri.

Let’s cut the ronery and the jokes with an underlying subtext of despair.

Just feel the Love Generation.

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Wherein we become immersed in differently styled endings as I actually have a large amount of variation this time. (more…)

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The natural progression, let’s look at my top endings. This one was much easier to cut down as endings are almost alyays worse than openings, but that doesn’t mean some studios don’t know how to finish off their shows with something that leaves an impression on the viewer. (more…)

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