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06-07 (2)

I love action shows. Everytime I see a well choreographed action scene, it takes me back to the time when I was reenacting Kamehameha’s in my garden or shooting friends with water pistols. There’s just something about the flow of a well-animated (or in the case of manga, well-drawn)action scene that seems amazing to me.  Though I do appreciate slice-of-life, romance and drama, the genre that holds the most appeal for me at the moment is shounen, since most anime and manga in that genre have great action sequences. (more…)

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“Epic” is a word that’s thrown around all too often these days, to the point where it’s used to describe anything from that which a protagonist in an anime does that’s particularly shocking or an event of pure unadulterated win. But one case where the word “epic” can be used without exaggeration is One Piece. (more…)

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