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Bleach’s newest ending made me remember one of the reasons I love the art so much: it’s so stylish. Although I’m sure that the animators at Toei (or in Korea. Or wherever it’s made) are good at coming up with fashionable designs, but Kubo himself holds a lot of credit for the clothing. Despite his, uhm, sub-par storytelling, I’ll be damned if the man can’t come up with the most suitable and overall cool clothes for his characters. (more…)

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Directors are the ones who really know where a series is going and where they want to take it. Openings always play an important part in putting across the series, it’s characters, events, emotions and a whole host of other things that the directors want us to know. Or it just gives the director a chance to be crazy as hell. But with the former, as a series moves into its second or third opening, the change in the music, tone and style easily helps us understand where the series is going from now on. As such, although the second opening of Durarara and the fourth opening of FMA don’t get me as excited as the previous ones, they convey well  the directional shift for both series. (more…)

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Neoranga Ushio

When originally trying to compile this list, I came across a problem straight away: coming up with enough openings to fill out a Top Ten List. I thought of the unoriginal idea ages ago due to one irritating opening, but never put it into practice since I just hadn’t seen enough shows yet. And still haven’t, apparently. So instead I decided to flesh this filler out look at the positives and negatives of misleading openings in general, with these 5 examples.

Of course, there are spoilers for all the shows mentioned here so CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK. (more…)

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