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Short Hiatus

Chibi Taiga. Because I can \m/

I’ve got to practice for university interviews, so there’ll be nothing happening here for a few days. Except maybe a couple of insubstantial random posts which you all know and love.

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She will knock you the f*ck out.

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Cute, deadly, smart and BLAZING WITH PASSION.

She could hit me anytime, if you know what I mean.

Or maybe not…

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Real men don’t want hot girls in their beds.

Either that or…

You know, there’s really no excuse this time. You suck, Rito.

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Yes, I’m taking this as a chance to plug one of my favourite anime series, REC.


My opinions on some of the greats of the past season’s anime music (i.e last couple of months). (more…)

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Real men let people who want to kill them get as close as possible.

Though I have to admit, since it’s Yami-chan, even REAL real men wouldn’t stand a chance.

But Rito still looks like a retard.

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