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Xam’d, you shall leave a vacancy in my heart.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Xam’d is an excellent show, well-deserving of the small praise it got from it’s all too few fans (once again, I’ll say that limiting this to PSN is almost as criminal as the way I watched the show). For me, though, the mark of a truly great series is the urge I have to rewatch it, for any reason, and I doubt that this will be the case for Xam’d. However, that’s not to say that Xam’d doesn’t have it’s own fantastic appeal.

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Epic ending is EPIC.

If you haven’t heard of Avatar, let me enlighten you. Avatar is quite simply one of the best animated series in a long time. It’s a testament to its greatness that though it was aimed at a children’s audience, teenagers and adults watched it as well. It had something for everyone, from a large, vivid cast of well-developed characters to great animation to a sharp sense of comedy. The inspiration it gained from asian culture and the use of elements as weapons was an amazing concept. Through the entire series’ run, it rarely faltered to deliver entertainment, and though its end was rushed and a bit sappy, it suitably tied up most of the loose ends left in the series. Even that which wasn’t answered was completely blown away by the fantastic battles during the finale. In short, I’m sad to see it end, and I think it could have had at least one or two more episodes to flesh things out a bit, but it’s an extremely satisfying ending to a great series.

Series Rating: 9/10

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