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To-Love Ru’s Rito is without a doubt one of the worst leads I know of. All that time surrounded by a group of hot women and he ends up not deciding on any of them. Or so you’d think. What most people don’t catch on to is the fact that these boring male leads have it made. They’re the biggest pimps in anime. It’s all for one reason: because they suck. (more…)

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It’s not your fault the show sucks, Yami. (more…)

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Real men don’t want hot girls in their beds.

Either that or…

You know, there’s really no excuse this time. You suck, Rito.

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Real men dress up as women.

Either that or he’s really looking for some “action” in that get-up…

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Yes, I’m taking this as a chance to plug one of my favourite anime series, REC.


My opinions on some of the greats of the past season’s anime music (i.e last couple of months). (more…)

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Real men let people who want to kill them get as close as possible.

Though I have to admit, since it’s Yami-chan, even REAL real men wouldn’t stand a chance.

But Rito still looks like a retard.

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