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Goddamnit, look at this cover, this has got to be one of the funkiest, coolest motherfucking thing you’ve ever seen. Look at this guy’s soulless, chilling eyes, he looks like he’s staring into your goddamn soul and you can’d do a fucking thing to stop him. You see this art style? This is some freaking heavy, realistic shit right here, none of that simplisitic, spastic crap you get with every other goddamn genre of anime these days. No huge eyes which scream AIDS, no ridiculously long hair or stupid ass clothing, just a guy with a white shirt on looking at the reader with the eyes of a fucking DEMON. The tone of this cover is so fucking amazing, just this jazzy, groovy hue of blue that echoes of a cold and dangerous world. The second you see this cover you know this guy is a fucking GOD and this manga’s going to be one of the best things you ever read. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet – the goddamn name.

Holy shit, this is the best name for anything since motherfucking Lesbian Vampire Killers. “Me and the Devil Blues”. Fuck, just repeat that to yourself in the coolest black guy voice you can think of. James Earl Jones, Samuel L Jackson, whatever. That sounds so fucking awesome. God, it instantly conjures up images of a man haunted by music and the power of the blues to capture people’s souls and never let them go. Jesus christ, I haven’t read a single fucking page of this manga and already I’m hooked on it.

Fuck, that name.

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Holy shit, look at this guy. Look at how fucking awesome he is, he just doesn’t give a fuck. That look on his face just says “fuck, you think you can even compare to me? Come here with your wimpy ass, I will fucking take you down”. (more…)

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