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Call sign: because the shrill ringing and vibration tells you nothing



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Why the hell haven’t I watched this again!?

It’s so EPIC!!!


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How in the hell are they gonna explain this!?


WTF! *mind explodes*

This is truly one of the best shows on television right now. It may have its occasional stumbles, But so much else is done so well that an average episode doesn’t even matter. This entire episode had so many good points; the return of the Daleks, though expected was still an “OSHI-” moment and I love the way some subtle hints from past episodes (the bees, the Medusa Cascade, the planets dissapearing, for example) came full circle here (though I did have to wiki them to remember them clearly lol).

The return of “Harriet Jones (Former) Prime Minister” was welcome as well, and though what she did in the past season where she blew up the Sycorax was stupid, it was understandable; this episode did showcase the benefit of that though, and when everyone came together to call the Doctor, the music was so rhythmic and exciting that you couldn’t help but feel agitated. What I did notice though was that the beat of the signal was similar to the “duh duh duh duh” (cannot explain through words ^_^;) of the Master’s drum beat that he heard in his mind. Coincedence? I THINK NOT… so but hey, I can hope.

The appearance of Davros didn’t have that much of an effect on me as I haven’t seen the original series. I did find out who he was (thanks to Wikipedia), though it was more of an “Oh Crap” moment than an “OSHI-” onebut still significant.

Two things bothered me though: The underutilization of Rose ( they’ll probably do it next episode, but I have no idea cos’ there was no GODDAMN PREVIEW!!) and the scene where the Doctor and Rose are running towards each other. That was ridiculousl cheesey… and corny… and maybe even a bit hammy. The moment it started, you just knew somrting bad was going to happen; the writers can do a much better job than that and it seemed a bit cheap to simply have him shot by a random Dalek… which is then blown up by Cap’n Jack (Take that sucka!).

Anyway, except for a few minor gripes, it really was an amazing episode. And what was supposed to be a simple pic post ended up as impressions. Huh. Funny old world.

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Mmmmm, tasty foods time :3

Thinks the crow…

…as he steals it!

Never! The bentos are meant for me, Random Crow That Appears Every Now And Again!

Yes. Yes I am.

I have tasty treats and you have none.


Oh crap, I forgot about the superpowers!


You think you have won but you will never get back your bento!


Damn that was close! At least I didn’t drop th-


You take this round, Tag Team Hakuryo…

But I shall return.


This in no way is representative of the plotline of Ikkitousen, for it is in no way related to  girls fighting epic super powered battles and always in some inexplicable fashion managing to lose half their clothes. And  destiny and relationships to Chinese Warlords. And bisexual Ryofu. And lesbian rape by bisexual Ryofu. And lesbian Kann-u. Honestly, I could go on and on, but there is no reason you should be not be watching this series. Unless your female. In which case the whole thing will most likely seem pointless. And it may offend you. It most likely will.

That is all.

The Spoils of Victory…

They are delicious :3

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Ranka-chan! ^_^

Sheryl… ;_;

Decisive Victory for Ranka!

She hath won the battle, but not the war. Who knows where this crazy rollercoaster of love will take us next?

Oh yeah, and a giant robot appeared out of nowhere thats supposed to be Macross, but who cares!? Ranka-chan gained back lost ground in the race for Alto’s heart! Yay!

Poor, poor Sheryl ;_;.

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