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One thing that keeps me coming back to anime is the chibis. I love chibis. They’re just so damn cute. The type of thing that you could pet for days on end and not get bored of. Any comedy show taht relies heavily on chibification always gets a laugh out of me. Sure, shows can work without it (though most shows use this technique anyway) but I think chibification does a lot of things at once that makes the joke more accessible, and funnier, to the viewer. (more…)

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I love action shows. Everytime I see a well choreographed action scene, it takes me back to the time when I was reenacting Kamehameha’s in my garden or shooting friends with water pistols. There’s just something about the flow of a well-animated (or in the case of manga, well-drawn)action scene that seems amazing to me.  Though I do appreciate slice-of-life, romance and drama, the genre that holds the most appeal for me at the moment is shounen, since most anime and manga in that genre have great action sequences. (more…)

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Just add BONES.

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So, by now you’re probably be aware that Endless Eight finally ended. And thank god for that. I’m pretty sure that if KyoAni hadn’t ended it by the eighth episode there would’ve been another uproar. 8th of Eight just makes more sense, so going 9 or 10 would’ve seemed even more pointless. But in any case, the reason I’m writing this post is because even after all of the crap that Haruhi fans have been through, this whole debacle kind of… worked. (more…)

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L∞P is comes from the writer of the prematurely cancelled Mx0. The only reason I say “prematurely cancelled” is because I think Mx0’s fanbase would attack me like rabid dogs were I to say the series was not interesting. Just like I would attack anyone who said Double Arts got cancelled because it wasn’t interesting. THAT MANGA KICKED ASS. (more…)

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There is born something of pure win.

Artist: jet

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