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I’m happy with where my computer is located (high up in the attic) since during the day I can try to feel like I’ve “gone outside” by sticking my head out of the skylight every now and again and I can turn off the light at night and watch anime in the dark. This might not be a voluntary choice for all anime watchers, but I find that some shows are more suited to the darkness than others.

It’s all a question of immersion for me. For the light-hearted series or the comedies, I can just sit back and relax (in a deep seated armchair ftw) but for those “deep” shows, those shows which are dramatic and emotional, watching them in the dark enhances the experience. Even moreso, if I use headphones, I can become completely lost in them, such as the other day when I was watching Pale Cocoon (<3 Yasuhiro Yoshiura) and was surprsied to see the credits roll after what felt like an indeterminate amount of time. Of course this isn’t a requirement, just something that adds to the atmosphere of these shows and really enhances my experience of them.

What about you? Do you have any sort of condition for watching a certain show (or type of genre) that enhances your enjoyment?

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