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There’s no way I’m going to waste any more time and energy posting about the inconsistencies/bad “writing”/shameless cuteness in this show. Unless I can be creative and interesting with it (which I doubt I have been so far) then it’s just pointless. K-On!! is K-On!!. It’s  a show about moe girls doing nothing. It’s popular because it’s a show about moe girls doing nothing. It doesn’t require any real effort or understanding to watch, and that’s its greatest appeal. (more…)

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K-On!! 3

Yes, a living breathing animal is harder to take care of than a guitar. You’re going to make a great mother someday, Yui. (more…)

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K-On!! 02

Needs more dominatrix Sawako. (more…)

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I’ve been racking my brain to try and think of a way to post about K-On!! that wouldn’t make me seem like a pure hater, but would at the same time convey what I like and dislike about the series in an understandable way. In the end, it ended up being a rant filled with irritation and a couple of notes on the minor good points. No idea how I’ll do the rest of the series, but hey, might as well give it a try if I’m affected this much by it. (more…)

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Perhaps it was wrong of me to think this but I expected that there would be more actual music in K-ON. (more…)

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K-On Moe Moe Mio Meido Laser!


This is an experiment.

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